Dirt pit no more….

2013-10-20 16.18.33 2013-10-27 16.25.02

DSC_1115 DSC_1117

When we first moved in to our perfectly located home…. it wasn’t so perfect. We had a giant dirt pit for a front garden and everytime the wind blew (which was a lot in Caba in October) we would have a fine coating of sand and dirt float in through the windows and doors. Not much fun for this mama! So Jack and I lovingly weeded for two whole days and used a stash of bricks from the back yard to create a border. We found a lovely lady on Gumtree selling Moses in the Cradle for a dollar and ended up scoring about 50 for $20!! I think she felt sorry for us!

All the other plants were amazingly donated by our lovely neighbours. I think they felt sorry for us too…. And with Dan’s green thumb our garden is now flourishing. Gardens definitely have to be the best way to make a rental feel like a home.


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