What mum…?

60 /366

‘Mum don’t even bother talking to us! We’re watching McQueen!!!’… xx

Out the window…

59 /366

I love you Desk…. but does everything have to be thrown out the window… or off the deck… or on to the floor… or at mum… or and Dacka… hmmm ok maybe Dacka deserves it some times!! xx


58 /366

My tanned little man! Sometimes I wonder how you’ve grown so big so fast. And others, I realise you’re still my little baby boy who loves loves loves his mooky mook mook. xx

Plonka and raggy…

53 /366

My plonka, you’d just woken up from your lunchtime sleep. You grabbed raggy and wrapped your little arms around Mama’s neck. We came out to the lounge room and you just plonked on the thai bed. I love it… you put your face in your raggy and squeal with delight! xx