‘Mama, I happy…’



Oh my happy boy, you make my heart literally sing! I’ve never met anyone quite like you before! Your smile is the most infectious smile I have ever seen! You make friends everywhere you go. ‘He’s going to be a heartbreaker’ is the most over used phrase by strangers everywhere! But my all time favourite thing… is everytime I’ve put you in bed and I’m just about to shut the door… you call out ‘mama?’ and I come back in ‘ I happy’ you say. You then wait for my ‘I’m happy too’ before sending yourself to sleep whispering ‘happy too’… xx

Jack’s world…


Oh the worlds you have started to create already! ¬†Every day you draw a picture I want to frame, say something I want to remember forever or look at me in a way I never want to forget. I could cuddle you on the couch for “atleast” an hour! If only you’d let me….