Planting with the little fellas…..

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I don’t always have success with getting things to grow ….. (or stay alive if I’m totally honest) That’s Dan’s domain!

But with an egg carton, seedling soil and a plastic bag, even I got these seeds from the local $2 shop to sprout.

I’ve slowly learnt that investing in good quality soil to begin with will give you a head start every time.

The boys filled the egg cartons with seedling soil, made finger holes for seeds and then set about sprinkling them in. We gave them a water with seasol and tied them in plastic shopping bags to create a bit of a micro climate. A few days in the sun and the bags were removed and magic…. little cornflower seedlings.

Fingers crossed I can get them to grow a little bigger before planting in the garden….


‘Mama, I happy…’



Oh my happy boy, you make my heart literally sing! I’ve never met anyone quite like you before! Your smile is the most infectious smile I have ever seen! You make friends everywhere you go. ‘He’s going to be a heartbreaker’ is the most over used phrase by strangers everywhere! But my all time favourite thing… is everytime I’ve put you in bed and I’m just about to shut the door… you call out ‘mama?’ and I come back in ‘ I happy’ you say. You then wait for my ‘I’m happy too’ before sending yourself to sleep whispering ‘happy too’… xx

Nothing else matters…

171 /366

I always promise myself throughout the day that I will remember every sweet thing you say and do and write about it… but unfortunately more often than not, I get caught up in the day and I forget… ¬†Sometimes that makes me sad, but all I have to do is run my finger over that beautiful cheek of yours and nothing else matters…. xx


167 366

Always so busy at the moment my little man! Today you were in mama’s arms for a cuddle and you kept turning around to give me kisses on the lips, then turning away, then turning back for more kisses, then turning away… I could have kept doing it all day! xx