100 Things

28 /366

The beginnings of my ‘100 Things’ list. Not as easy as I expected as I try and remember all my personal dreams and ambitions. It’d be easy to write a ‘to do’ list but not so easy when they’re deep personal aspirations….


100 Things – What’s on your list?

Sebastian Terry

Dacks where’s your pants…?

27 /366

Dack’s you’re my special little man. When ever I get a little bit blue all I need is for your little body to be in my arms. You ask me ‘mama why are you sad’ and it might be because your daddy has just gone away again or cause I’m missing our Mo Mo. Either way you follow up your question with a kiss and it gives me a perfect little boost and I’m smiling again. Desk if you see me sad you just laugh! Which makes me laugh! You boys are my favourite things. xx

Australia Day…

26 /366

Dacka, I love seeing you forge bonds with your friends. It makes me realise how much you have grown in the last few months, especially your imagination. You play beautifully with boys and girls of all different ages, being caring and sharing with the little ones and more boisterous and wild with the bigger ones. You giggle and scream, run and hop, hide, destroy and create all at once! It was four boys together today when we visited Cooper and Maddox and you and Kade had a ball. Then the day continued as we helped celebrate Lyla’s 1st Birthday. You didn’t shut your eyes all day till you fell exhausted in to bed after dinner. I was so proud of you all day! I love being your Mama xx

Deski and the earplugs…?

25 /366


My babies are back! You had a glorious time at the farm… little bit soggy because of all the rain but you still loved every minute with Jebby and Max and of course Nanna and Grandad. Least there weren’t any snakes this time… Daddy’s almost off for another three weeks of work and decided to share his stash of earplugs with us! But our ears are all too small… xx