13 /366

Deski it’s just cheek! Honestly you’re a little crazy kid! You make your mum and dad laugh every second… whether you’re shaking your head insanely from side to side, bopping to music only you can hear, being a little cranky pants to get your big brother in trouble, playing mum and dad off against each other, crawling away from us at a speed which astounds us, refusing to come inside at dinner time, wanting food right NOW, laughing hysterically when we say goodnight through your mozzie net, squealing with delight everytime you’re within reach of water, holding up your own body weight on anything you can hang off…, climbing everything and anything you can get a toe on,  being a CP when you’re teething, but still smiling at anyone and anything that looks at you!

Dacka you’ve always made my heart melt with your compassion and beautifully clever mind. You’re such an inquisitive and observant little bloke who’s always conscious of what’s going on around you. You have a wicked sense of humour and like to take the mickey out of everyone around you. Your dad and I are always asking each other ‘did he just pay me out..?’ You love to laugh and sing and astound me with your ability to recognise a tune and then be able to mimic it perfectly. You’re fabulous with accents and imitating people and you perform all of this for laughs! You have given Kade numerous nicknames in his first year… Karder, Kadez and lately Koya. And the funny this is everyone follows suit! You even coined your own nickname Dackie.  Which perfectly fits! xx


12 /366

Dack’s I’m so proud of how your confidence has grow when it comes to animals! I think Lucy played a big part in this! I loved how you and Kade would squeal with delight everytime she came in to the room. And now with Pippin across the street, I don’t think it will be long before you’re asking for an animal of your own….  xx

Daddy’s back…

11 /366

Daddy’s back! Daddy’s back! After two weeks at work your Daddy is finally back home with us. Although… five minutes in and it was already ‘boys club, no girls allowed!’. (Lucky I know you love me…) The heat wave continued so it was early morning swims before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch and…. you get the idea! Dackie, mama was so proud of you as you swam under water for the first time in sooo long and guess what… you absolutely loved it! Fat Boy Slim resurfaced and you celebrated with some serious breakdancing moves that had us all in stitches! Deski babe all the swimming and the heat absolutely exhausted you again today. I almost forgot to wake you up as it neared dinner time…I both love and hate having to wake you… Your  delicious little body in deep slumber just makes my heart melt. Love all my fellas. x

Mitts off my toothbrush…

10 /366


Oh dear… paybacks have begun! Watch out Dack’s, Kadez is fighting back! Dackie, today was your first day back at day care after about 6 weeks off. Kadez and I came to play with you until your were comfy again and just as I was leaving your little body came flying across the playground. I thought you were distressed but you raced up to me and said ‘I love you’. You told me you couldn’t let me go without telling me. So in the end I was the one with tears in my eyes as you raced off to play. x

Summer’s finally hit…

9 /366

Oh what a day! So hot and so so humid! You boys had the most amazing time on the slip n slide. Deski you pretty much parked yourself down the end in the little pool. You had your gorgeous mouth open trying to catch all the water sprays and giving out huge cheesy’s anytime someone caught your eye. Dack’s you wouldn’t rest until you found the best and fastest way to get to the bottom of that slide. Loved watching you have so much fun. x

Dacka and the frog…

8 /366

My mischievous little bloke. You amaze me how you can just run and run and run…. I love watching your little body move in its perfect formation as you stop to check out every leaf and every spider web on the way to the play ground. Poor Kadez misses most of these morning adventures snoozing in the pram but when he’s a little bit older he’ll be running along beside you. Two best mates. x

Deski and the egg…

7 /366

Oh my little babe  it’s not long past your first birthday, where I re-lived your dramatic entry into this world. It gave me the chance to appreciate you in a way that I hadn’t allowed myself to until now. Before you were born I remember wondering how I could ever have enough room in my heart to love another little person… and then suddenly you were here… and it’s was almost as if you always had been.  I have so much room in my heart for you, my precious little man. I couldn’t imagine even a single moment without your cheeky smile. x


Your Mo Mo x

6 /366

Oh my boys… how lucky you are to have your Mo Mo in your lives. She cherishes every breath you take and then some. You are so carefree and relaxed around her and I love when you crawl up into her lap and share all your love with her. Jack you sometimes wander the house until you find her just to say ‘i love you’ or you hold hands with her under the table while we’re eating dinner. Kade you are forever seeking her with your eyes when ever she enters a room and wait for her to acknowledge you. You then give her one of the warmest smiles I’ve ever seen. She’s your mama’s best friend in the whole wide world and I love that you love her as much as I do. x

7am adventures…

5/ 366

My babies, for two days you have been out side at 7am playing under the sprinkler of your cubby house. Slipping and sliding down the slide, hiding under the platforms, splashing in the mud puddles that pool by your feet, giggling and smiling the whole time. Jack, when Kade decides he wants to come inside you implore him to stay and keep playing with you and of course he does. He always wants to be doing what his big brother is. x