22 /366


You’ve just started verbalising your requests in the last week or so. You’ve discovered how to say… mum, dad,  jack, mo mo, birdie,  hello, bye, there, oh oh when you drop something, ah ah ah ah when you’ve done something naughty. I love watching you follow the shapes our mouths make and then trying your hardest to mimic exactly what you hear and see. You’re so cheeky and impatient and you’ve already got me intrigued (worried) as to what your  toddlerhood years threaten to bring… Our little CP (Cranky Pants) xx

Just like my big brother…

21 /366

All bathed and delicious! A last little play before bed and you leave me amazed at what you pick up from watching your big brother. You love cars and tools because you know these are the things he loves. You play with determination just like you live every single moment. Some times when things just aren’t going your way you go on a destructive rampage to rid yourself of your rage.  More work for mama but at least it leaves you feeling more settled. xx

Watching you…

20 /366

Oh my babe, how I love to watch you and your little body.  Your lashes, your skin, your lips, the curve of your little legs, they all make a smile creep across my face. You are perfection. xx


Daddy’s arms…

17 /366

Oh my boys, how you love being in your daddy’s arms! The time has definitely come where you look at your dad with a new level of wonder. He’s everything and more. He kisses and cuddles you, makes up songs and awesome dance moves, teaches you how to catch and throw, includes you in every mission and adventure, teaches you how to grow veggies and herbs and then creates a beautiful meal for us to all sit down to eat together. Oh how we love him… xx

My time…

16/ 366

My time…. rain falling on what feels like the first wet day this summer, both babies in bed, my man home and prepping up dinner in the kitchen, exciting adventures planned for the afternoon, me relaxed and lying in bed DURING the day! Slowing down is one of the most precious things we can do for our selves. We need to remember how beneficial it really is for healthy minds and bodies…. Hahaha… should take my own advice more often!! xx

Backyard imagination…

15 /366

Outside again… I love the freedom our backyard gives you boys. You’re able to wander down the ramp and into the back yard to explore in your own time. I check on you sporadically to make sure you’re happy and safe. Most of the time I don’t let you see me as I don’t want to interrupt the beautiful little adventures and imaginary play that is going on. xx

Dack’s first love….cars! Second love….cricket!

14 /366

Dack’s you got your first cricket bat before you could even sit up… and today you were smashing balls all over the backyard. I loved watching your bowling wind up as you ran halfway down the ‘pitch’ before unleashing! Your dad was teaching you how to catch balls thrown above your head and I’ve never seen such a celebration as when you took one! You would take your hat off and thrust it in the air yelling wildly! (Just how you’d seen Warner celebrate) You then asked to get the other set of stumps out so you had one to souvenir and you and your Dad celebrated like champions. xx