Daddy’s back…

11 /366

Daddy’s back! Daddy’s back! After two weeks at work your Daddy is finally back home with us. Although… five minutes in and it was already ‘boys club, no girls allowed!’. (Lucky I know you love me…) The heat wave continued so it was early morning swims before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch and…. you get the idea! Dackie, mama was so proud of you as you swam under water for the first time in sooo long and guess what… you absolutely loved it! Fat Boy Slim resurfaced and you celebrated with some serious breakdancing moves that had us all in stitches! Deski babe all the swimming and the heat absolutely exhausted you again today. I almost forgot to wake you up as it neared dinner time…I both love and hate having to wake you… Your  delicious little body in deep slumber just makes my heart melt. Love all my fellas. x

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