13 /366

Deski it’s just cheek! Honestly you’re a little crazy kid! You make your mum and dad laugh every second… whether you’re shaking your head insanely from side to side, bopping to music only you can hear, being a little cranky pants to get your big brother in trouble, playing mum and dad off against each other, crawling away from us at a speed which astounds us, refusing to come inside at dinner time, wanting food right NOW, laughing hysterically when we say goodnight through your mozzie net, squealing with delight everytime you’re within reach of water, holding up your own body weight on anything you can hang off…, climbing everything and anything you can get a toe on,  being a CP when you’re teething, but still smiling at anyone and anything that looks at you!

Dacka you’ve always made my heart melt with your compassion and beautifully clever mind. You’re such an inquisitive and observant little bloke who’s always conscious of what’s going on around you. You have a wicked sense of humour and like to take the mickey out of everyone around you. Your dad and I are always asking each other ‘did he just pay me out..?’ You love to laugh and sing and astound me with your ability to recognise a tune and then be able to mimic it perfectly. You’re fabulous with accents and imitating people and you perform all of this for laughs! You have given Kade numerous nicknames in his first year… Karder, Kadez and lately Koya. And the funny this is everyone follows suit! You even coined your own nickname Dackie.  Which perfectly fits! xx

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