Anyone for Brisbane Stampede 2015…?

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Kicking back one sunny Sunday afternoon and I stumbled across the ‘What’s on’ section in this months Womens Fitness mag…. Brisbane Stampede!!! Only two weeks out. Hmmm didn’t really hold out much hope that this was this going to work. But thought I’d check it out anyway….  Tickets still available…. check!  Husband home… check!  In Brisbane that weekend already… check! Available babysitters check! check! check!!! You have no idea how little things like this work with a husband who does fifo!
But it did and it was awesome! It was a dry, clear somewhat crisp day. Neither of us had done an obstacle course before so only had the youtube vids to go from. We had cargo nets, ice baths, electric shocks, floating river crossings, giant water slides, tire walls and so much more. Each obstacle had us weaving up and down the gorgeous but often ridiculously steep hills of Woodford whilst covered head to toe in mud and sludge.
I wasn’t 100% healthwise but still thought it was a pretty cool adventure.  Made even better because I got to do every step with my man by my side!!
Will definitely do again next year!
Early bird tickets are already on sale…
  • $45 for THE STAMPEDE 5km run
  • $65 for THE STAMPEDE 10km run
  • $30 for The Junior STAMPEDE

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