Planting with the little fellas…..

DSC_1109  DSC_1114DSC_1113DSC_0065

I don’t always have success with getting things to grow ….. (or stay alive if I’m totally honest) That’s Dan’s domain!

But with an egg carton, seedling soil and a plastic bag, even I got these seeds from the local $2 shop to sprout.

I’ve slowly learnt that investing in good quality soil to begin with will give you a head start every time.

The boys filled the egg cartons with seedling soil, made finger holes for seeds and then set about sprinkling them in. We gave them a water with seasol and tied them in plastic shopping bags to create a bit of a micro climate. A few days in the sun and the bags were removed and magic…. little cornflower seedlings.

Fingers crossed I can get them to grow a little bigger before planting in the garden….


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