Lewis reunion in Caba…

August was huge…. 11 family members converged on Caba for a beach getaway and a bit of a Lewis reunion. It’d been a long time since we’d all been together. At least four years for some of us… Catching up is now made harder by the decision for the four of us sisters to live in four separate states. Our parents love us!!!

Seeing my sister for the first time since she’d had not one, but two gorgeous little boys was pretty amazing. The best thing though was that picking them up from the airport after their mission from Gracetown in WA was just like picking up a best friend who I get to see everyday. Our friendship remains the same even through all the distance and time apart. And that’s the way it is for our whole family. We got to enjoy a family holiday with our Mum and Dad and our Janny (step mum) all at the same time which is pretty special in any family. I adore being one of four sisters. Three built in best friends who I know are always there for me regardless of what’s going on in their lives.





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20140816_110358 (2)

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