Every home needs pom-poms…

DSC_0121 DSC_0126

I’ve been seeing pom-poms on cushions for quite some time now and I love not only that they give a new lease of life to your soft furnishings but I also love  how they create that extra feeling of “home”. And…… after a friend introduced me to the Tweed Heads wonderland Fantazia Fabricland my cushions fate was sealed…. They have an amazing array of just about everything including many colours and sizes of pom-pom trail.

Now, I am a lazy (and cheap) sew-er so my cushions always follow along the path of a pillow case rather than the zip up variety and this actually worked in my favour as I was able to just sew a pom-pom trail around the circumference of my already made cushion cover. (To work out this technique just turn a pillowcase inside out and you will see exactly how they are folded and sewn. I always grab half a meter of my chosen fabric, hem the two ends and use the entire piece for a 50cm cushion insert)





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