Saturday skates…

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Saturday morning skate sessions with Jack! This kid can seriously skate! He’s picked up some extra skills through Skateboarding Australia who run free Saturday morning training sessions with kids of all ages and skill levels all over Australia. Equipment supplied or BYO in you prefer. They also run after school programs through some OSHC facilities as well. It’s run by some amazing people who the kids really respond to and they all have an absolute blast!



Dehydrated Sweet Potato chips and Tomatoes…


Dan picked up a cheap dehydrator for $55 and it’s amazing!!

He’s clearly focused on the beef jerky possibilities whilst I’ve been getting into the mango fruit straps, dried peaches, tomatoes and veggie chips…..


10 x tomatoes – skinned and quartered

drizzle with olive oil

flavour with fresh thyme, salt and garlic granules

place in dehydrator for 12 hours at 70degrees


Sweet Potato Chips

1 x large round sweet potato

thinly slice with mandolin

soak in water for an hour, rinsing halfway to remove starch

drain and place on paper towel to remove excess water from both sides

drizzle with coconut oil

season with salt

place in dehydrator for six hours at 70degrees





Buckwheat pancakes with banana and avocado chocolate mousse…


Buckwheat pancakes with banana and avocado chocolate mousse…

Whether it’s a quick pancake rolled around a banana on the way to school drop off…. or a mid morning snack of decadent yet beautifully healthy chocolate mousse topped goodness… There’s nothing better than buckwheat pancakes!!

Buckwheat pancakes..

1 cup buckwheat flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 1/4 cup almond milk

1 egg

1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste

1 tablespoon chia seeds – optional


Mix together ingredients and cook just like a normal pancake


Banana and avocado chocolate mousse..

1 banana

1 avocado

4 dates – or 2 medjool dates if you have them (but if you’re anything like me they don’t last even an afternoon in the house) so I generally use standard dates and soak in hot water for a few minutes to soften

1 table spoon cacao powder


Using a stick blender blend ingredients until well combined

Spread over and between pancakes and top with frozen berries and shredded coconut


To make it easy I’ll usually have a pancake making session while I’m cooking breakfast/ dinner or doing the dishes and will freeze a few ziplock bags with a couple of serves of pancakes in each. Then when I’m hungry all I have to do is defrost and enjoy.