A little wild lately…


A little fella at his 4th birthday party! Everyday your mama is so so proud of who you are. Your clever and kind and obnoxious and crazy! Sometimes you’ll be arguing with me so intently and then two seconds later it will be ‘Oh i’m sorry mama. I love you’. At times I find it hard to keep up with all the changes of pace and it makes me realise all these emotions and thoughts that are swirling through your body every second. No wonder life is a little wild lately! You’re changing into a big boy by the day and I am so honoured to be your mama. xx

One thought on “A little wild lately…

  1. And I love that your momo is still included as part of the family…it makes my emotions swirl with having tears of sadness and absolute happiness all in the one moment. Honoured to be your momo. xx

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