Things my Dacka says…

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Things my Dacka says…

A conversation that took place in the bath one night.

Jack – ‘Kade’s got a girly voice’

Mum – ‘Why?’

Jack – ‘Because he squeals all the time’

He then went on to explain… ‘Girls say ‘ I want to go to the hairdresser…’ (Said in a highpitched “girly” voice) and ‘Boy’s say ‘ I want to be a pirate…’ (Said in a deep “boy” voice)

Mum – said nothing… was too busy hysterically laughing!

One morning I was getting dressed after a shower and heard Jack having a conversation with someone…. I snuck down the passage so I didn’t disturb and found him “chatting” on his “phone”  (a real mobile with the battery taken out).  I heard his one sided conversation to his dad ‘How you been mate? I’m just doing some tidying. Yep, we’re going to Gav’s to be adjusted (our chiro). See you later Mate. He then ran around the house yelling ‘mum, mum. Dad want’s to talk to you…’

Other little tidbits…

‘Please don’t disturb me, I’m fixing the remote’

When I was getting up him for not eating his dinner… ‘I’m going to get a pich pich (gun noise) and gun you’…. hmmmm….



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