It’s a nappa…

32 /366

Kardie.. the cheek of it! For the last week you have been basically sitting on top of the table during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Still sick, Mama doesn’t have the power or energy to keep you contained in your high chair now that you are able to maneuver around the strap. This afternoon you sat with me on the deck eating grapes while Dacka was still asleep. After a few grapes you thought it would be more fun to pull off the grapes and throw them on the ground. When you came across a few tough ones you ‘cracked the poos’ and threw the whole bag on the floor instead… This pretty much sums you up! You are as affectionate and amazing as you are impatient and cranky! You are standing up more than ever and the last couple of days you’ve been stumbling a couple of steps before crashing to the ground. I love watching the determination flood across your face as you finally realise how to put it all together… x

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