A world of delight


My delicious Dacka, every night after we’ve read a book with Deski and put him to sleep, we climb into your bed and snuggle up beneath your lights and enter a world of delight. Tonight it was Horton Hatches The Egg, which was supposed to be the only book… but then we read Maisy’s Bath Time, then you talked me into The Little Red Caboose.  And each sentence I read you would ask me ‘why’… ‘Why is he out side? ‘ Why is he in the tree? ‘Why is there snow? ‘Why don’t we get snow?’ and when I started to laugh at all your questions you got annoyed with me and demanded an answer. I love your curious mind Mr O’Shea. I love it so much! x

5 thoughts on “A world of delight

  1. Oh don’t you just love the why questions~?!??!

    Love your photos Amy. Also, i recognised your name in the group as i’m a good friend of Jess and Bonny’s and now that i think of it you are the one that has lead me to this delightful project! I remember a year or two ago you telling me about your wedding pics and to look up ‘you can’t be serious’ which lead me to ‘gregarious peach’ and now here! 🙂

    1. Oh WOW! I love that I was part of your journey here. So special. I definitely remember that conversation at Milla’s birthday party. I’m so glad i stumbled across both those pages too. We’ll have to encourage each other to continue even when the novelty wears off! I hear you’ve just had another little one too…Post me a link to your page so I can follow your journey too. Amy x

      1. I’m still trying to sort my blog out but will let you know when i’m done. Finding it hard to get time to do it and might just post them on facebook instead! But i have been taking the photos every day. Hope i can keep it up!

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