Mt Warning…

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When I first knew I was moving to a small town I was a little nervous. What if it was really clicky and hard to make friends…? Yet within a few weeks of moving here I enrolled Jack in surfing lessons. And who did I meet on that first morning…? My beloved Natalie, who in a short space of time has become an amazingly dear friend.

She puts up with my incessant movement and ideas and pretty much puts her hand up for each and every adventure I throw at her. And today was no different.

So with the sun shining and all our children in school or day care we set off for Mt Warning. Wow! It was absolutely spectacular and we could not have chosen a better day! It was a gorgeous walk/climb full of lush rain forrest, moss, rocks, birds and peace. And then of course there was the view after the last scramble to the top. Breathtaking to say the least.

We timed it perfectly and by lunch time were happily ensconced at Mavis’s Kitchen tucking in to mouthwatering roast lamb and salad. It goes down in history as one of the best Friday adventures ever!!