Brothers forever…


Friday afternoon at the school picnic. You both spent an hour or so playing with your friends and then all of a sudden gravitated towards each other. With Kardez asking Where’s Dacka? Where’s Dacka? You spent the next hour moving from play thing to play thing, never leaving each others side. Stopping occasionally for a hug or to help each other up or down or even off  when it all got too much for Kardez.

Other parents were commenting. Oh aren’t they beautiful. Are they always like this….? Ummmmm…..

Since we moved to Caba your relationship has grown so much. Now that it’s just the two of you, you appreciate each other’s company so much more. You really talk to each other and adore the time where it’s just the two of you hiding or skating or riding or playing cricket or building lego or drawing or painting or whatever mischief you can get yourselves into! And then there’s the fighting… That too has grown. But I accept that it’s all a part of being brothers and growing together. xx


My favourite little 5 year old…

My favourite little 5 year old...

Oh my little man how you’ve grown. You are spectacularly tenacious and inquisitive and let’s not forget argumentative. You’ve been through massive changes lately with a new house in a new town in a new state. Not to mention a new pre-school and now a last minute change of schools for next year. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but I think we’re coming out on top. You love your mama not working anymore and I’ve already noticed how many more cuddles I get purely because I’m more available to you.


Happy 5th Birthday Dacka! And yes, soon you will be five and a half, just like Luke and Jess. xx